About Us

About Us

What in the world is Füdami? An unusual term—but we (as in a small group of slightly geeky young entrepreneurs) wanted to give our primo discount card a name that would be both memorable and meaningful. (Sadly, the “M&M” thing was already taken.)

What surfaced was the concept of food (aka Füd—with that cute little umlaut for an “oo” sound), signifying the gastronomical delights you’ll be able to enjoy with this card. Then food met up with love (based on “amigo” and other “ami-amo” words meaning to adore, befriend, treasure, etc.), referring to how you’ll feel about all the other cool discounted stuff. Sounded like a winner to us.

And thanks for asking.

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Click here, email us at team@fudami.com or call us at 888.328.7329.

Jobs, Careers, Etc.

Füdami is on a constant conquest to find cool people that will help make the world a better place. If you think you qualify, or if you just want to visit the office for a mock interview, give us a buzz.

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Becoming part of the unique Füdami experience introduces you to an ever growing customer base – and keeps them coming back for more. It’s easy and win-win!

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